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Limited Lifetime Warranty


craftsmanship warranty:

We warrant to the original purchaser that the custom cabinets constructed specifically for you will be free from defects in workmanship for as long as you own your cabinetry.  This warranty is not transferable.


  • Under this limited lifetime warranty, Advanced Custom Cabinets will repair or replace (at our discretion) any defective item at no charge within the first year.  This warranty applies only to the original purchaser at the original site of installation. After the first year, ACC will warrant the product by providing replacement items.  It does not include labor after the first year.

  • This limited lifetime warranty applies to all of the assembly hardware and the installation thereof.  This includes hinges, drawer slides, knobs and pulls.  These hardware components will carry the original manufacturer’s warranty and will be covered by them.  Advanced specifies hardware suppliers that offer a limited lifetime warranty.  If the client provides their own hardware for their cabinetry, this is not covered by this warranty.  Advanced will work with the manufacturer to obtain replacement parts if deemed defective.  We cover all labor and travel to repair and replace the item within the first year.  After the first-year, warranty period, we will obtain a replacement for any defective component.  Labor is not included after the 1-year warranty period.

  • Exclusions:  This warranty does not apply to products not supplied by Advanced Custom Cabinets.  This warranty does not apply to cabinets that are misused, neglected, or modified in any way.  Natural wood products require routine care and maintenance to minimize the effects of the elements and the appearance issues they present.  This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear caused by normal daily use.  An understanding of the fundamental characteristics of wood and coating systems is helpful in understanding your product and this warranty.

Attributes and Characteristics of Natural Wood

All wood products are affected by environmental conditions.  Wood will move with changes in temperature and humidity.  Wood will change in color over time in part due to exposure to UV light.  Coatings do not prevent wood from moving or changing color and must be expected.

Movement in the wood may translate into minor cracking at seams and joints.

This movement in the wood is not considered a defect.

To minimize this naturally occurring phenomenon, environmental controls such as humidifiers and de-humidifiers or air conditioners are required. 


Attributes and Characteristics of Coatings:

Advanced uses a variety of different coatings to achieve the most durable, long lasting and beautiful finish for your cabinetry.  Each coating must pass AWI and KBMA standards to be considered for application.

These factory applied coatings will provide years of beauty if properly cared for.  Refer to Care and Cleaning recommendations.


The finish on wood cabinets, like any other coating, will perform directly proportional to the care, cleanliness, and maintenance afforded the product.

  • Cabinets and components that are dented, scratched or scuffed through the coating may lead to chipping of the coating and moisture absorption.

  • New cabinets are warranted to be free from any of these imperfections for 1 year from installation. 

  • Whereas the movement in wood can happen regardless of the finish, a painted door will show cracks in the coating and a clear applications may not be seen.

  • For painted cabinets, we can offer certain styles made out of one piece of material. Single piece MDF doors and fronts are recommended if the potential of seeing the seams under the paint is a concern

  • Cosmetic issues such as paint color and gloss or wood checking or cracking of the coating at seams are warranted for 1 year.

  • This warranty does not provide for any consequential damages incurred during the removal or installation of products or components.

  • Advanced Custom Cabinets will warranty the installation for a period of 1 year.

  •  If cabinetry installation is performed by non-ACC personnel, any resulting touchup required is not covered by this warranty.



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